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Collecting money is a specialty.  And it takes specialists to get the job done fast and efficiently.  Us.  We’re special.

We are Bonded
Not only is collecting money our specialty.  We are Bonded which guarantees your money will always be paid to you.

Collecting your money with our money for over 55 years!

Once you assign us your account, we offer the following:

  • Monthly status reports
  • Local and national coverage
  • Rapid results, speedy remittances
  • Credit bureau reporting
  • Comprehensive and state-of-the-art debtor location
  • Internet account placement
  • Legal action through our in-house “Legal Department”
  • When it comes to litigation, we bring action in our name, not yours
  • National network of collection offices


The bottom line is simply this:

Robinson & Associates are experts at collecting delinquent accounts.  We work on a contingency basis.  That’s why we can make this statement…You Pay Us After We Pay You.  If we get nowhere, you pay nothing.

We’ll be glad to tell you how.  We’ve been doing it for over 55 years.

We have the organization as well as the connections.

Let us prove it.  You pay us after we pay you!


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